Fake Wall Outlet Sticker Prank

Posted: June 15, 2017
Fake Wall Outlet Sticker Prank
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Just Basic Dave took one look at these Fake Wall Outlet Stickers and he knew: the next great prank of 2017 had arrived. Through his Twitter account Dave has posted videos of his fake outlet shenanigans at the airport, which is obviously the best - best! - place to fake out(let) charge seeker after charge seeker. All day long, and the whole night through.

Bravo, Dave! Fake Electrical Outlet at the Airport is right up there with Joker Greeting Card and The Moon Ring* on my list of H-Squared Practical Jokes. (H-Squared = Hilarious & Harmless.)

Fake Wall Outlet Stickers are not the annoying kind you have to scrape at with a razor blade to remove (though that would probably serve the prankster right.) They should peel off easily without damaging the wall.

*May not be harmless if your lady has a decent right hook.

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