AR-15 Rifle Clothes Hangers

Posted: September 15, 2014
AR-15 Rifle Clothes Hangers

In the words of the great Salt 'n' Pepa: You're a shotgun--bang! What's up with that thang? I wanna know how does it hang? Here, the answer is in the (fire)arms of an AR-15, and--

Mama! Hey, get off my laptop! What...what are you writing?

Obviously people who rave about telecommuting do not live at home with the prying eyes and unchainable fingers of their mamas. I--What? Are you joking? She says that if I delete the lyrics to "Shoop" I have to sleep in the back yard tonight. Puh. Fine. So...who wants some clothes hangers shaped like Colt rifles? They're handmade out of plastic, come in sets of 4, and ensure your parties will always start off with a big AR-15 bang when you direct friends to the coat closet.

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