AIR-INK: Ink Made from Air Pollution

Posted: February 09, 2017
$25 - $198
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Think of AIR-INK as clean dirt. A series of markers and a vial of screen printing ink, the artist's tools are made from captured and purified air pollution particulate matter. In more visual terms, AIR-INK creators Graviky Labs snatch the nasty black soot that puffs out of the likes of car exhaust pipes and chimneys, remove the lung chokers and cancer makers from it, and turn the resultant carbon-rich pigment into the source of our doodles and love notes.

Singapore-based Graviky uses a piece of retrofit technology they developed called KAALINK to collect the carbon emissions from their output source (e.g., tailpipe) before they enter the atmosphere, and human lungs. Proprietary lab processes take over from there to remove the heavy metals and carcinogens* from the carbon ink base, which then becomes "safe, refillable, high-quality, water resistant" ink and paint. For every 45 minutes of vehicular emissions KAALINK corrals Graviky can make 1 fluid ounce of AIR-INK, or enough to fill 1 pen.

AIR-INK debuts to the public on Kickstarter, with a campaign that runs through March 9, 2017. You can pledge for 1 or more AIR-INK markers or vials here. Graviky has the former in 2mm, 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm sizes, and the latter in a 150ml jar.

*Graviky says the waste generated during the metal / carcinogen removal process is primarily type A4, B1 and B2, as classified by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. The lab collaborates with a waste management company to sort and recycle them accordingly.

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