Wearable Superhero Full Body Armor

Posted: January 16, 2018
Wearable Superhero Full Body Armor
$1,299 - $6,999
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Full Body Armors' superhero and video game character costume replicas will secure your cosplay convention credibility, and make all of your Sundays Fundays. The made-to-measure suits transform wearers, from head to toe, into the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Deadpool, and Halo 5's Master Chief.

Full Body Armor suits are legit mashups of fantasy and real life in pretty much every way but their ability to fight evil and crush enemies. On that front, these are costumes only, made from 3D-printed and CNC-machined materials such as PU plastic, ABS plastic, and aluminum alloy frameworks. In addition to enabling Full Body Armor to custom fit every piece of the suit, from head to bicep to calf, to your body, these "textiles" also keep the weight down. Most of the costume replicas weigh around 15 pounds.

Iron Man seems to be Full Body Armor's favorite subject, and he's an obvious choice for the armored replica treatment. They sell several editions and variations of the Mark suit, with a forthcoming Mark 47 XLVII currently available to preorder here. The 1:1 wearable uses new molding and painting techniques that make it, according to Full Body Armor, "the most anticipated armor costume in our history."

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