Sushi Costume

Posted: October 03, 2022
Sushi Costume
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Sushi Costume and instant backrest! Even if there's nowhere to sit at the Halloween party, you can lean up against a wall, or pop a squat on the floor against the pillowy comfort of Pop Designers' handmade piece of salmon nigiri. Held in place no matter where you move by a seaweedy black cloth band! This rickety, 40-something Dude is sold!

The Sushi Costume listing is actually for salmon sashimi - you'll have to provide your own bed of rice. White button-up and jeans like the guy in the photo. White spandex dress if you're a lady who wants to go as a piece of Sexy Sushi. White T-shirt and sweats for total Halloween comfort, plus the ability to pass out fully clothed when you get home from the party and still be dressed for a good night's sleep!

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