Super Mario Tanooki Suit Hoodie

Posted: October 03, 2017
Super Mario Tanooki Suit Hoodie
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Mario's Tanooki Suit. Ten-year-old me could not wait to score the onesie that would give me the power to fly and turn to stone and look like I'm humping the air - or maybe little Toad was under there - on the Super Mario Bros. 3 map screen. And 37-year-old me cannot wait to score this cozy homage to Tanooki, the Racanooki hoodie.

Primed for Halloween costumes and going outside in crisp fall weather the Tanooki hoodie is a 100% cotton pullover sweatshirt, with an eared drawstring hood, and a fat tail on the back, which you can wag by pulling a second drawstring at the waist.

While writing about the Racanooki, I did some Mario 3 research and found out - holy crap! - the Tanooki Suit is based on real Japanese raccoon dogs called tanukis. Did you know that? Tanukis are not domesticated "dogs" and not suitable as household pets, but I did find this YouTube video of a guy feeding one that used to pop by his garage at night what appear to be doggo sausage sticks.

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