Kim Kardashian Met Gala Halloween Costume

Posted: September 28, 2021
Kim Kardashian Met Gala Halloween Costume
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Damn, fashion retailer Yandy was all over the Kim Kardashian Met Gala Halloween Costume. Just a week or so after Kim K showed up on Anna Wintour's gold carpet in literal head-to-toe black, lookin' all like a Sleepout Curtain in heels, Yandy had an approximation of the Balenciaga design in stock and ready for any one of you to be the chic, stocking-masked, meme-friendly mystery guest at your own version of the Met Gala.

That is, this year's Halloween party.

In an effort not to get a Cease & Desist Order from Kris Jenner, Yandy calls their Kardashian couture the "Mystery Gala Guest Costume." It's not the same design, and not quite as blackout as Kim's actual dress. For example, a transparent black gauze cape subs in for her train in the costume. And Yandy's LBD is a strapless one paired with black satin opera gloves, so the full-body matte black look is interrupted with a few different textures, including a showing of skin in the upper arm and decolletage region.

Still, if you're into Vogue and fashion, into capitalizing on the latest trends and memes for Halloween, or into (really, still? Ugh) the Kardashians, no one will mistake the look you're going for in the Mystery Gala Guest Costume.

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