Halloween Contact Lenses

Posted: September 25, 2013
Halloween Contact Lenses
$29.50 - $239.99
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Minions will cower and tremble in fear when they meet the all-powerful GnarledJaggedPlaqueLaden Teeth Eyes! Hey, I get the appeal of colored and themed contact lenses, particularly for Halloween, cosplay, and other costumed events worthy of shaking things up with one's irises. But I already think eyes are scary as all get out--like Anaconda eyes and the eyes of that witch in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and when Nathan Fillion as Caleb the horrific black-eyed pastor stuck his thumbs in Xander Harris' eyes--so why do people have to go and double the quantity of my cold sweat by putting demon teeth in them? Also, these are ridiculous. Ladies, you can buy contacts that will make you look like Selene from Underworld or a lovely blue snowflake. Please don't buy the ones that will send me running even before you point out your 6'4", 240-pound boyfriend whose Rambo costume includes an M60 that may or may not be a prop replica.

Halloween--or everyday, depending on how you roll--contact lenses come in over 100 different colors and styles. Some recognizable favorites include: Link from The Legend of Zelda; Gremlin; Hellraiser; Werewolf; Walking Dead; and Cheshire Cat. Novelty lenses sold by Lens.com are FDA-approved for eye safety.

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