Flayed Flesh Garters

Posted: March 01, 2012
Flayed Flesh Garters
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Take peek-a-boo garters to the next level: peek-a-boo blood vessels and layers of muscle tissue, courtesy of open-wound prostheses and stocking accoutrements from Etsy's Meaghan O'Keefe. A pair of unpainted latex prostheses, 2" wide garters, and 5/8" garter straps will begin your equal parts stunning and terrifying transformation from Epidermally Intact Jane to Zombie French Maid, or Sexy Vampire Snack. Also included in the package are instructions for applying, blending, and bloodying the prostheses in a way that will terrorize children, and induce nausea in passersby. Neither fake nor real blood is included with the garter set, though there are a few really sharp knives in the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit that could probably help generate some fairly quickly.

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