Fear the Reaper Inflatable Costume

Posted: October 21, 2016
Fear the Reaper Inflatable Costume

The Ghost of Christmas Future heard you're being a Scrooge about dressing up, so he's coming early this year to spook you into the Halloween spirit. Also, he's tired of getting stuck with crappy homemade iced reindeer and Cornflake wreath cookies while all the zombies and witches and devils and Progressive Insurance Flos get the fun size Snickers and Twix.

The inflatable Grim Reaper costume teeters its wearer between life and death, as his head and arms poke out from a red T-shirt to play the role of reapee, and his legs and feet extend from the body of the cloaked spirit to assume that of the Big D himself. A relatively cheap and easy solution to your Halloween wardrobe conundrum, the blow-up Reaper includes a built-in fan powered by 4 x AA batteries to maintain its illusion. It fits people between 5' and 6' tall, with up to a 45" waist.

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