Deadpool Pro Replica Movie Mask

Posted: October 07, 2018
Deadpool Pro Replica Movie Mask
$416.67 - $684.52
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For those who want to go beyond just dressing up as Deadpool this Halloween, IlustraStudios' Deadpool Pro Edition replica movie mask is your first step towards total transformation into Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson as Wade Wilson looking like a pepperoni flatbread as...Deadpool!

Jose Mojica handmakes the Deadpool Pro Edition (and this half shell version too) along with a ton of other Deadpool masks and props. Lady Deadpool gets equal and exceptional representation in the IlustraStudios Etsy shop too.

Mojica says in his Deadpool Pro Edition mask has improved lenses, and its neck extension and tissue are identical to that in the films. In addition to the photos in the mask gallery Mojica provides, buyers have posted photos of themselves in the Deadpool Pro Edition mask, and it looks just as realistic in their snapshots and selfies. Reviews are glowing.

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