Creature Feet Shoes

Posted: October 13, 2022
Creature Feet Shoes
$160 - $325
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I've never much cared for hoofin' it, especially when I have my friend Cornelius to drive me, but these Creature Feet Shoes are giving the term a whole new and exciting meaning in my world. Not that I'd ever wear what are essentially a pair of heelless high heels, as I can barely keep my balance in flip-flops, but on my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power? Huzzah!

Now, what shall I say to convince her to go as a Sexy Goat for Halloween?

Handmade by Blair Ondrla of Chaos Costumes, Creature Feet Shoes come in a few different styles, some looking like simple horse hooves, while others are cloven and / or furry to add some goaty, godly, deery, and Clydesdalian pizzazz.

Creature Feet hooves are made of high strength resin, and Ondrla fuses them to custom-made 4" heelless shoes. Arches are rigid plastic and have a metal shank, so the silhouette you see when a pair of Creature Feet Shoes is on the display stand is the same you'll enjoy while wearing them.

And are they enjoyable to wear? Ondrla says the hoof shoes are "as 'comfortable' as most high heels," and probably the rest of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

Creature Feet Shoes also come with leg coverings made from modified leggings, and some listings also include faux fur pants to help complete the look.

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