BlurryMan Mask

Posted: August 31, 2023
BlurryMan Mask
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Photoshop yourself IRL with the BlurryMan Mask. (Sorry, ladies, it doesn't appear the worlds of Halloween masks and identity coverups for nefarious purposes - encapsulated here by BlurryMan Mask maker, Vat19 - feel you need representation in this product line.)

In addition to paying tribute to all the dudes who wouldn't sign the film crew's appearance release form, the BlurryMan Mask also serves as a most excellent tool for pranking your friend Cornelius and your wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and generally creeping out all people who see you. Or at least giving them an ocular migraine, which is what staring at the BlurryMan Mask is doing to me.

The BlurryMan Mask is made of latex, and is punched with a pair of eyeholes for witnessing the disturbances you'll cause while wearing it, plus a mouth hole so you won't be gasping for air like the poor bastards you sneak up behind and tap on the shoulder.

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