F**k Me Perfume

Posted: October 28, 2015
F**k Me Perfume
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In the words of the great Marcy Playground, "I smell sex and can-dy." Or is that sex and cran-ber-ries? With tonka mousse and a hint of Tuscan blood orange. From the perfumers and the sexologists who brought you Sure Fuck Cologne comes a sister scent, the scent still of sweet fornication, but this time brewed for the ladies. Fuck Me is an Eau de Parfum for the girl who isn't getting laid every night, but wants to be. Fuck Me is also a swell bachelorette party or gag gift. Fuck Me is also a fun thing to give to your wife or girlfriend when you want to send her a hint with a bow on it. You know, that she should want to have more sex. Or that she smells bad.

Sure Fuck Eau de Parfum sells as a spray in 2-ounce bottles. It is also available in a discounted lovers' bundle of Fuck Me and Sure Fuck for all the couples interested in exploring their scent whoredom together.

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