The Batman Collection

Posted: February 10, 2014
The Batman Collection
$30 - $100
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Black Milk Clothing's Batman Collection has a Batsuit for every type of crime a girl could want to fight. For example, not looking hot. Or not showing enough leg. Not showing enough cleavage. Not wearing a belted Bat-Signal swimsuit--with cape--to the beach. Not wearing a Catwoman bodysuit on our first date.... With a few dozen different, yet equally outstanding (except the baggy T-shirts) articles of clothing in the Batman Collection, she could literally attack a different brand of crime every day for a month.

Dresses, leggings, tops, jackets, swimsuits, even "bummers" comprise Black Milk's latest line of wearable nods to pop culture. Some Batman Collection items are available for a limited time only and some items are made to order. Most items are 100% skin-tight and dy-no-mite!

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