Sockdoms Scented Condom Socks

Posted: July 16, 2023
Sockdoms Scented Condom Socks
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No, Sockdoms Scented Condom Socks were not designed for hygienically diddling someone with your foot like Lorals Latex Panties were designed for oral sex. Though I suppose you could wear a pair of Sockdoms if foot-diddling is your particular take on the term "foot fetish," and you want to provide some semblance of protection for your foot, as well as your recipient's sensitive bits if you've got a lot of calluses and sharp toenails.

But in fact, Sockdoms were invented for...the exact same purpose as any other pair of tube socks: to keep your feet cool, dry, comfy, and blister-free inside a pair of sneakers. Or birkenstocks and crocs, if that's how you roll, Dad. The only real differences between Sockdoms and your Hanes are:

  • Their strawberry scent (odd choice, unless you're hoping someone will volunteer to suck on your socked toes - I'd have gone with something minty or woodsy here).
  • The words "Sockdoms, ribbed for your leisure" printed on the bottom of each one. (Yuk, yuk yuk.)
  • The packaging, which, of course, looks like a giant foil condom wrapper, and gives Sockdoms the final push they need to fulfill their one true calling as a white elephant or gag gift.
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