Sixer Insulated PBR Cooler Jacket

Posted: January 19, 2018
Sixer Insulated PBR Cooler Jacket
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Normally I would think something called a Sixer Insulated Jacket would insulate me from the cold. But when outdoor apparel brand 686 teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon, PBR had something else in mind. This special edition jacket holds a full 12-pack of beer (Pabst might say PBR only) in its bevy of exterior and interior pockets, several of which are designed as insulated cooler pouches to keep your ice cold ones ice cold.

Presuming the negative wind chills on the mountain you climbed wearing the Sixer on can't do that well enough on their own.

The coat's PBR-branded insulated cooler pockets are at the exterior front and chest; 686 made them large enough to divvy up a full 6-pack. Inside the Sixer are four concealed mesh tallboy pockets, plus another insulated tallboy pocket along the inside chest.

As for the Sixer's performance as a coat, it's made of waterproof and breathable infiDRY 10K fabric with 80g body, 60g sleeve, and 40g hood insulation. Air-Flo Mesh lines the underarm vents. For skiers, the jacket has an adjustable powder skirt and a pant-jacket connect system. A silicone inner palm grip is branded with the Pabst logo. The overall effect of the jacket, which if you hadn't noticed is blazing cobalt blue and lined with bright white 686 / more PBR branding, reminds me of the first time I saw Hot Tub Time Machine, and the scene of the guys hitting the slopes the morning after they went back to the 80s.

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