Show Me Your Kitty Panties

Posted: December 22, 2015
Show Me Your Kitty Panties
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Cats hide in the darndest of places, don't they? Etsy shop owner Elena prints adorable images of kitties onto semi-sexy pairs of underwear to create the overall awesome effect of the literal cuddly creature ladies obsess over becoming one with the figurative one dudes do. Her timing couldn't be better either, given pop culture's current infatuation with cats. (Have you seen Cat-Opoly? Exploding Kittens?)

Normally I wouldn't be one to promote risking a confrontation with giant, evil feline eyes every time sexy time rolls around, but the underkitties have served me well as a peace offering. My girlfriend's awful mutt cat and I had been having some issues, which upset my girlfriend, so I got her a pair of Elena's printed cat panties to smooth things over and prove that I don't hate all the kitties she owns. On the contrary, I like some of them a whole lot.

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