Sexy TRON Outfit

Posted: August 28, 2011
Sexy TRON Outfit

Wise shoppers know that when buying a gift, you should choose something for the recipient that you would never choose to buy for yourself. In that vein, this smokin' hot, 12-gauge clear plastic TRON corset lined with glowing fluorescent piping is the perfect present for every male between the ages of 18 and 48 to bestow upon his wife, girlfriend, mistress, or favorite waitress at the Applebee's.

To achieve the neon blue glow, "charge" the corset in sunlight or under bright indoor lighting for 10 to 60 minutes--the longer the charge, the more brilliant and enduring the luminescence, and the more willing onlookers will be to buy the wearer drinks and designer handbags. Also, the piping takes on a less mesmerizing flesh color in full light, so for maximal glow visibility and resultant subservience, the costume is best worn in lounges, clubs, bedrooms, and those black-lit bowling alleys. In addition to its instant-erection aesthetic properties, the TRON corset is also functional, constructed with steel boning that: cinches the wearer's waistline; corrals and boosts her boobline; and flares at the hips to create the perfect hourglass shape.

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