Screenshot Men's Hip Hop Track Pants

Posted: July 07, 2020
Screenshot Brand Men's Track Pants
$22.99 - $26.99
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I don't like every pattern and color combo of Screenshot's Men's Hip Hop Track Pants, but I do like some of them, and I especially like the idea of a bunch of dudes wearing all 30-odd styles of them in a room together. Red plaid! Yellow stripes! Green camo! Blue houndstooth! They'd be like the Lucky Charms of leisurewear! The ladies would be swooning!

For their part, the Screenshot brand describes their bold prints and Olympic team / superhero uniform color blocks as "a direct result of overflowing creativity, and a sense of individuality from 21st century young adults." Their urban styled Hip Hop Track Pants have a slim fit and are made of 95% poly and 5% Spandex fabric.

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