Pac Man Ghost Poncho

Posted: May 22, 2012
Pac Man Ghost Poncho
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A red one for Red Sox fans, a blue one for Yankees fans, and everyone stays dry when a downpour--or shit storm--hits Fenway Park this summer. Pac-Man Ghost Ponchos keep their donners dry and mud-free, whilst using their marvelous interpretation of the Atari legend's trademark pixelation to F with the vision of onlookers. They also fare well on camping trips, outdoor concerts, and most festivals--Hemp Fest being the exclusion due to their ever-watching eyes' potential for breeding widespread paranoia. Obviously, those wearing Ghost Ponchos are encouraged to devour vats of mustard, obliterate daffodils, and surprise body slam cyclists in Lance Armstrong jerseys.

Ponchos are reusable, and made from recycled plastic. One size fits most.

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