Ninja Flip T-Shirt

Posted: December 30, 2012
Ninja Flip T-Shirt
$16.99 - $20.99
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Carrying around this secret identity won't create an awkward bulge at your waistline, or require you to wear an underlayer of skin-suctioning red and blue Spandex. Crazy Dog T-Shirts' flipover Ninja tee has the masked warrior's face printed upside down along its inside bottom so that when people do as the front commands and ask you about your Ninja disguise--booya-konnichiwa!--up flips the shirt and out comes the hood and penetrating glare.

Ninja flip shirts are lightweight, super soft cotton, available in men's sizes S to 4XL. Whoa, even as a Ninja, I'm not sure someone requiring a 4XL T-Shirt could consider himself "disguised". Then again, if someone appearing to be a 500-pound Ninja came after me with a pair of nunchucks, I would probably still run away. Even if he turned out to be just a 500-pound IT guy. And the nunchucks turned out to be a Sushi Bazooka.

If being a badass from Japan isn't your thing, but lifting up your shirt to expose your abdomen is, check out the rest of Crazy Dog's T-Shirt selections:

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