Marvel Rainbow Bridge Fleece Jumpsuit

Posted: November 08, 2016
Marvel Rainbow Bridge Fleece Jumpsuit
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I'd say it takes at least as much power to wear the Rainbow Bridge as it does to fight Loki at Heimdall's Observatory and break it. And by "power" I mean long, killer legs and an ass like the shiny, perfect Pink Lady apple I ate for lunch. Mmmm, the bounty of fall. It extends to Black Milk Clothing, and their new Marvel New York Collection of comic-themed tops, skirts, dresses, leggings, and glorious, glorious jumpsuits. Though Black Milk is an Australian company, so I guess it's technically the bounty of spring there....

No matter. The Rainbow Bridge Jumpsuit is good lookin' out for the ladies of the Northern Hemisphere about to face the bite of winter. It's lined with fleece and includes a full hood, so any lady brave (andfingerscrossedhot) enough to slide into it will be as comfy and toasty on the inside as she is blaring fangirl of Thor & Co. on the out.

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