Marvel Comics Bra

Posted: July 12, 2012
Marvel Comics Bra
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Pow! Kaboom! SHAZAAAM! It's Marvel superheroes defending boobs from evil sag and boring flesh-colored polyester. If you liked the Glow-in-the-Dark Batman Underwear Set, take a quick eyeball stroll through Megan Elizabeth's collection of hand-forged comic book bras, part of her Girly Geekery lingerie line. Here, forth from the loins of Marvel-licensed fabric, we have a psychedelic red brassiere with world-saving CMYK idols, such as Spiderman and Thor, canary yellow edge-detailing, underwire, and a little bit of padding to amp up the illusion of pulsing, bulging...biceps on Captain America.

My favorite element, however, is the irony of the right boob cup, which depicts the hand of a superhero reaching away from the woman's breast on which it will rest. Haha, yeah. Like that would ever happen.

Megan Elizabeth stitches standard Marvel Comics Bras in sizes 34 to 38, A to D, though she is happy to create custom sizes, pushup bras, or incorporate buyers' individual design requests. Fabrication time runs between one and two weeks, so be sure to plan accordingly for your next pajama theme party.

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