Like a Good Neighbor Social Distancing T-Shirt

Posted: March 24, 2020
Like a Good Neighbor Social Distancing T-Shirt
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Like a good neighbor, stay over there. You can get it as a social distancing T-shirt. A social distancing coffee mug. A social distancing doormat. And that's not all, because it's official: the COVID-19 merch is here!

I myself am partial to the above Like a good neighbor, stay over there T-shirt design - I like the irony of the white picket fence that once served as a bastion of the American dream home being repurposed as a quarantine jail. The pen you cannot leave while sheltering in place. But if you prefer a different font or graphics, take a scroll through Amazon, and you'll see a ton more designs expressing the same social distancing message.

Another popular coronavirus catch phrase: "I was social distancing before it was cool." And I gotta give one thumb up to the "Never forget" shirt that shows an arrangement of pink roses surrounding a roll of toilet paper. Just one because I need the other to hold onto the portable bidet I bought after I used up my last rations of Charmin.

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