Latex Bat Underwear

Posted: May 11, 2013
Latex Bat Underwear
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Warning: Abigail Greydanus' latex bat underwear are slightly NSFW. Probably both in terms of viewing enlarged photos of them, and physically wearing them at the office, as my experience with latex is that it is the textile version of a sauna.


No. No, I am not referring to a latex gimp suit I keep in the back of my closet. I'm talking about gloves. Darkfin gloves! Can we get back to the point, please?

The point is, ladies, I do not recommend wearing latex bat underwear to work beneath your wool blend professional clothes. I recommend wearing them unaccompanied to my living room or, barring your willingness to do that, to a living room within telescopic viewing range of mine.

Though not designated as Batman panties per se, I think we can take a look at the Evolution of the Bat-Signal poster and agree that Greydanus' cutout emblem smacks of 2003's Batman Dead End design, or at the very least could pass as sexy Dark Knight lingerie for female Bat-fans. And Robin.

Think stoic, stone-faced Batman would crack a tight-lipped smile if he saw a non-obese, cellulite-free derriere sashaying around Comic-Con in this bit of latex? More importantly--and what an opportune time to discuss a topic I've always wondered about!--do you think Batman has...uh...room to grow in his Batsuit? Probably, yeah? I mean, if I thought of it, Bruce Wayne had to have thought of it, right?

Low-rise bat underwear are made of .33mm latex and come in the buyer's choice of color. Greydanus can also make the bat cutout transparent to further compromise my ability to look at them and think in complete sentences using real words.

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