Han Solo-Chewbacca Reversible Hoodie

Posted: April 24, 2014
Han Solo-Chewbacca Reversible Hoodie

Life has been very difficult for some since the Mark Ecko reversible Chewbacca hoodie sold out. It was pretty much the Star Wars garment to end all Star Wars garments. But I like this new alternative alright too. Maybe even slightly better since when I'm not in the mood to full-on bare my Wookiee fur, it won't just temper me into a Rebel Alliance supporter, it will transform me into an entirely different badass character: Chewie on the inside, Captain Han Solo on the out. I can't lose! This isn't just a hoodie, it's the double-sided definition of awesome. Maybe even the 21st century equivalent of the mullet.

A heavyweight zip-up, the Han-Chewie hoodie sports Solo's Hoth parka on one side, and a full upper body of faux fur on the other. Chewbacca's trademark bandolier hasn't been forgotten either; it's embroidered as an applique across both the front and back of his half.

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