Feejays Adult Footie Sweatpants

Posted: November 12, 2022
Feejays Adult Footie Sweatpants
$29.98 - $49.98
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Guess who just added some Feejays Adult Footie Sweatpants to his Amazon cart. That's right. This dude. Feejays are sweatpants with built-in fleece-lined socks. The first of many reasons this is awesome is that they're the pants and feet hugger part only, not a onesie, so you don't have to take all your clothes off every time you need to take a leak or make a poo.

Then there is the special lemon twist Feejays adds to their adult footie sweatpants, which is the option to remove your feet from the footie part via a "lycra escape hatch" if they get too hot, or you want to wear your Feejays out of the house with normal socks and shoes. I'll probably just shove mine footies and all inside my Teva Ember Mocs, but to each dude and lady his or her own.

The final point to Feejays' awesomeness I'll make is an obvious one: sweatpants! The most comfortable pants on earth! They come in a ton of different patterns and styles too, including holiday editions, and the sexy black velour ones I'm getting that are sure to make my wife want to rub all up and down my legs, and hopefully crotchal region too.

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