Dr. Who Dress

Posted: August 08, 2012
Dr. Who Dress
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Out of this world? How about out of this Whoniverse? Black Milk Clothing's James Lillis ups the ante once again with the Who Dress, a TARDIS homage that would probably make the eyes and jaw of the Eleventh Doctor himself go googly and unhinged. Ladies, bedeck yourselves in this curve-hugger, and I can pretty much guarantee it will render those you encounter oblivious to the time and relative dimension in space of all other entities in the room. Seriously, looking at it makes me feel like I may have had one too many interactions with my Dalek Pipe today.

82% of the Dr. Who Dress emerged from the finest Gallifreyan polyester, with the remaining 18% made of smuggled Skaro LYCRA. In addition to its obvious function as an anatomical sheath, the dress can be used as a decoy when assisting the Doctor in evading Cybermen, The Master, and any other masculine-tinged enemies. Please hand wash cool.

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