DC & Marvel Comics Suits

Posted: August 27, 2016
DC & Marvel Comics Suits
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Holy Marvel of Washington DC, Batman! They made a suit out of you! As teased in a preview a couple weeks ago, Fun.com is releasing a line of men's (funny / monkey?) business suits in tribute to your favorite superheroes and villains from Marvel and DC comics. More recently, the company unveiled the complete series, which at printing was available for pre-order.

Grown ass men can choose from 11 different themed suits that range in subtlety from funky comic pattern on the tie, pocket square, and jacket lining (the "Secret Identity" suit), to full-on Batsuit print from head to toe (the "Alter Ego"), to "Authentic," suits just like the character wears in the books and movies. Fun.com is also peddling a few snazzy DC and Marvel ensembles for the pint-sized grown ass men in your life.

Alter Ego, Secret Identity, and Authentic Suits are 100% polyester and have a slim fit. They come with a jacket, pants, tie or bowtie, and sometimes a pocket square. In addition to the Dark Knight, you can also spend Halloween 2016...and all of 2017, if you want...as Alter Ego Superman or Iron Man, or Authentic Joker and Riddler. Secret Identity suits include a Marvel comic strip print, an Avengers print, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk.

If you're not into stuffy, constricting business suits, you can also show your superhero love--and stay warm in the winter!--with one of these superhero wearable onesie-style sleeping bags.

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