Dakine BC Utility Vest

Posted: November 16, 2014
Dakine BC Utility Vest
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I was recently at a bar for happy hour and it was jam packed with 1) Amazon employees and 2) Amazon employees' backpacks. I felt like I was at Adult Latch Key. They got let out of work but their mamas couldn't pick them up yet so they had to go to the bar for a couple hours of enrichment and babysitting. The spectacular display of geekdom would have been amusing except that the backpacks kept whacking me as their wearers turned or squeezed by. I finally had to tell a little Asian kid that if he hit me one more time I would have to flush his ID badge down the john and choke him with its lanyard.

The point being: those Amazon employees should get themselves a Dakine BC Utility Vest. It has a giant backpack pocket fully integrated into the vest so there'd be no clunky load shifting and knocking about behind them. Same goes for the Utility wear's actual intended user: backcountry hikers, skiers, and outdoorsmen. Dakine further streamlines gear-heavy activities with a bevy of pockets on the vest's front side and interior that enable man as pack mule to pack in items such as a radio, snow tools, snacks, and water a little tighter.

The backpack pocket can store larger items, including a shovel and probe, while vertical board straps and diagonal ski straps cling to the wearer's chosen sticks. BC Utility Vests are made of 630D nylon fabric and designed to be breathable so that any way you look at it, schlepping your load will be no sweat.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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