Cuts of Meat Dress

Posted: April 20, 2013
Cuts of Meat Dress
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I love beef, and I love girls, but somehow the combination of the two doesn't work so well for me. The cuts of meat diagram on this dress carries implications of objectifying women and also cannibalism, and that is so disturbing that I can look at it for only 12 or so minutes without having to look away. Since Kelly of I'm Your Present makes them to order, I would suggest those interested in having one request that she remove all of the dashed-line cut indications except for Rack and Rump, and then the dress would just look hot with no unsavory undertones.

Cuts of Meat dresses are made from creme jersey on the outside and a white jersey lining on the inside. They are available in sizes XS through XL. Isn't it strange how society reveres cows with a lot of meat on their bones but prefers women with hardly any? I know, sorry. That's too much to think about on a Saturday.

Cosmo suggests accessorizing a Cuts of Meat dress with a pair of Bear Paw Meat Handlers.

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