CUEME App-Controlled Vibrating Massage Bra

Posted: May 26, 2018
App-Controlled Massage Bra

The CUEME Massage Bra is a smart supporter of boobies whose companion app allows wearers - or wearers' designated representatives - to control 4 vibration massage modes over "8 major massage pressure points" on the female breasts. And the point of it? To improve blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage, relieve breast tenderness, and, oh yeah, get your lady ready for sexy time.

CUEME says the vibration nodes embedded in their Massage Bra's cups can both "greatly improve your breast health," and allow couples to "join the community of like-minded, who use technology and wearable underwear to share excitement and high-tech experiences." Ladies and dudes who are separated by oceans, respective offices, or living rooms and kitchens can even give their partners remote CUEME control.

And if you're into it, CUEME notes there is also the ability to pair your bras and devices with other members of the CUEME community. Yep. Vibrate on that for a while.

CUEME bras are made of 80% cotton, 20% spandex, and are fully waterproof and washable. They should wear like a standard bra, and come in colors pink and black. And obvious gift for your girlfriend, if your girlfriend's into The Beach Boys, Marky Mark, and other good vibrations.

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