Clutch Gas Socks

Posted: June 14, 2023
Clutch Gas Socks
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Boostnatics' Clutch Gas Socks were obviously made for gearheads, and would indeed be a fine gift for car enthusiasts. But so too would they be an excellent gift for teens learning to drive a stick shift. Speaking from experience, it is sometimes very hard to remember which foot to use for which pedal, especially when you must simultaneously interact with other cas and road signs, and when choosing wrong can result in your car lurching to and fro like an old wooden roller coaster cart, and then going completely dead to further elevate your levels of stress and embarrassment.

Now, moms of teens, don't think in advocating the Clutch Gas Socks that I'm advocating looking at your feet while driving. The socks shouldn't be worn while driving at all. They should be homework for your kids. Footwear for walking around the house and lounging in front of the TV, feet on coffee table, that will reinforce which foot presses which pedal every time your teen leans forward to get their snacks and sodie, and every time they hang their head and stomp off to their bedroom because you parental locked their social media for the night. I mean, right?

Yeah, yeah, fine. Clutch Gas Socks are mostly just good gifts for manual-loving' gearheads.

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