Bloody Chainsaw Dress

Posted: September 15, 2012
Bloody Chainsaw Dress

If you'll excuse me I'm just going to reach into my pocket...and fire up my bloody chainsaw! Yeah, it's made of a fine cotton blend. So? From Ewok/Chewbacca combo costumes, to Psycho Suzy Homemaker, Etsy seamstress Crissy Baker knows how to give hotness just the right amount of lemon twist. Her A-line shirtdress is available in sizes XS to XL, and nearly guarantees any lady who wears it will be the only one with an instant pocket chainsaw hand during upcoming Halloween festivities or trips to the grocery store. Order early for October 31 donning, as the Bloody Chainsaw Dress requires approximately 3 weeks to sew and ship.

In other news, last night someone told me about a guy they know named Bob Loblaw. Say it to yourself. OK, say it loud. Three times in a row. Hilarious!

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