Baker Miller Naptime Hoodie

Posted: March 21, 2016
Baker Miller Naptime Hoodie
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Built-in nap protocol: score. Hydrophobic and water-repellent: score. Windproof: score. Cozy and insulated: score. The Baker Miller Hoodie scores a lot of points for being slick and functional. But how many does it lose for being...pink? More importantly, uh, why is it pink?

Why, why, why?

Well, according to maker Vollebak's science, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie "floods your vision with a shade of pink designed to lower your heart rate." In full-frontal-zip mode its face-masking mesh visor cocoons you into a state of calm, summoning your parasympathetic nervous system and its vibes of rest and recovery. And so you don't feel like you're in a body bag, the Baker Miller mesh allows you to see out of it, but no one else to see in. It also encourages nose breathing, which forces slower, more controlled breaths, and brings on further relaxation. It also ensures you can still see that you're wearing a pink hoodie.

Vollebak recommends the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie for any dude who wants to quiet his racing mind the night before a big event or meeting, get some shuteye on the plane, or just zone out after another intense game of Bananagrams.

The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie also has an accompanying Baker Miller Pink soundtrack, which you can download to help slow and regulate your brainwaves while wearing it.

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