Baby Yoda Baby on Board Windshield Decal

Posted: December 19, 2019
Baby Yoda Baby on Board Windshield Decal
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On board, Baby Yoda is. And while the Baby Yoda drawn in this clever take on the Baby on Board windshield decals is nowhere near as adorable as The Mandalorian's actual Baby Yoda, I still appreciate the reference, and the application of this tiny beast that could melt a cold man's heart (maybe even brighten a wicked ex-girlfriend Karen's black one) to a product that I otherwise have no interest in.

I mean if you're gonna stick something on your car, it should be some Luchador Wrestling Windshield Wiper Tags or the Objects in Mirror Are Losing decal.

If, though, you need a gift for a geek who is also a mama or a dad with a young'un the Force is strong with, the Baby Yoda Baby on Board Windshield Decal is a bounty hunter-approved choice. It comes in a pack of 2, with one stick-on bundle of Jedi measuring 4" x 5" and the other a little larger at 5" x 6". You also have a dozen or so color choices.

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