Assless Yoga Pants

Posted: October 23, 2022
Assless Yoga Pants
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In a bad situation, I think I'd say the same thing about seeing Assless Yoga Pants as I would about seeing Superman: Here they come to save the daaaaay!

Very unsurprisingly, Assless Yoga Pants come to us from CherryChiChi, the same brand that thrust the yoga sex clothing phenomenon in our faces with Crotchless Yoga Pants. And if you're wondering why we need both Crotchless and Assless Yoga Pants in our yoga practice, well, see, it's because Crotchless Yoga Pants have a giant hole where the crotch would be, whereas Assless Yoga Pants have a giant hole where the ass would be. They're totally different!

Though, were I a betting dude, I'd bet that next up for CherryChiChi are Crotchless-Assless Combo Yoga Pants. And if / when that happens, I can promise you one thing: you will definitely hear about it here.

Assless Yoga Pants feature a flat, over-locked "assless" cutout with a thong running through the crack. Because apparently, even when we're willingly combining assless pants and contortionist yoga positions, there is still such a thing as ugly naked, and a butt crack spread wide during Crow Pose is pretty much it.

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