The Tinkle Belle - Device for Ladies to Stand & Pee

Posted: December 15, 2021
The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device
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It appears the Tinkle Belle, a urination device ladies can use to stand (and stay fully clothed!) and pee, was developed for hiking and camping, maybe porta-potty use at festivals and sporting events. But I say, if you have the option to pee standing (and stay fully clothed!) why not use the Tinkle Belle all the time, everywhere, even at home? Urinating from two feet, in a glorious golden arc, is one of the greatest pleasures of my life!

Unlike similar funnels made for ladies to do their business in less than ideal peeing situations, the Tinkle Belle is made with a hard shell upper portion, so usage doesn't require the removal of clothing, or even the pulling down of the pants. Since the funnel won't collapse like those made of silicone, Tinkle Belle can slip inside an opened fly or shifted skirt / dress, and direct streams of relief wherever the peer points the spout. (My recommendation: down. ... Unless of course you're seeking revenge....)

Furthering its ease of use, the Tinkle Belle requires no toilet paper to clean up once you're finished peeing; it has a soft "squeegee" lip made especially for wiping.

Tinkle Belle female urination devices fold in half when not in use, and come with a carry case and carabiner clip for sanitary portability.

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