SomniFix Mouth Tape

Posted: October 29, 2018
SomniFix Mouth Tape

I can't decide which direction to go with these SomniFix Mouth Strips: solution for creepy heavy mouth breathers; or solution for anyone who's ever wanted to tape someone else's mouth shut? Stop giving off the serial killer vibe or put a sock in it?

Obviously (or maybe not so obviously, given the current world we live in) SomniFix Mouth Strips are meant for neither. While the lip-shaped tape does serve to hold your kisser in the closed position, SomniFix hopes in so doing the strips will help you get a better night's sleep.

SomniFix says that we're all born "obligate nose breathers," and mouth breathing is a learned habit that comes as our respiratory muscles develop, often in response to stress or exercise / exertion. We think since our mouths are much bigger than our nostrils, we can get more oxygen in through them, and that mouth breathing will help us relieve anxiety, calm down, or recover from physical activity faster. Wrong! says SomniFix.

But mouth breathing actually increases anxiety because it activates our sympathetic nervous system. It also leads to hyperventilation, which lowers overall oxygen saturation in our bodies. And sometimes it makes other people think we're going stab them.

Mouth breathing while sleeping, often done unconsciously, can worsen the quality of your night in bed. SomniFix Mouth Strips put a stop to that malarkey by slapping a flap of tape over the mouth breathers' offending apparatus, and forcing them to breathe through their noses.

And for the loud mouths out there, feel free to continue wearing the strips and honing your nose breathing skills during waking hours too.

Warning: Probably best not to wear SomniFix Mouth Strips during cold & flu season, or when your nose is otherwise clogged with snot and boogers.

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