Saucy Gloss - Applebee's Chicken Wing Sauce Lip Gloss

Posted: July 31, 2022
Saucy Gloss - Applebee's Chicken Wing Sauce Lip Gloss
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This ain't no Sweet Baby Ray's, Applebee's sauce is the gloss. Applebee's wing sauce and Winky Lux Lip Gloss, to be precise, in this kooky, yet somehow charming, brand mashup in honor of National Chicken Wing Day and National Lipstick Day. Both random and unnecessary tributes fall on July 29.

Winky Lux, a makeup and skincare line, has infused a collection of high-shine, creamy lip glosses with the "eye-popping" colors and a hint of the "mouth-watering" flavors of Applebee's 4 chicken wing sauces. They include:

  • Get Me Hot Buffalo. Named for Applebee's Classic Buffalo wing sauce, coral in color, a little spicy on the lips. Yours or someone else's - Winky Lux is marketing Saucy Gloss hard for date nights.
  • https://www.dudeiwantthat.com/search.asp?s=date+night
  • Sweet Chile Kiss. Deep red with gold chile specks, inspired by Applebee's Sweet Asian Chile wing sauce.
  • Be My Honey Pepper. Applebee's Honey Pepper wing sauce delivers a golden honey spiced gloss with shimmering flecks.
  • Honey BBQ-T. Shiny, smoky, kinda rusty-red in color, and made for Applebee's Honey BBQ wing sauce.
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