Nerdwax Glasses Grip

Posted: March 10, 2015
Nerdwax Glasses Grip
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Glasses-wearing nerds rejoice! Glasses-wearing non-nerds and sunglasses-wearing anyone can do a little jig too if you ever have trouble keeping your specs and shades positioned securely on your face without constantly scrunching or giving them the finger (or is that second one for your co-worker with the bad gas?) Though it may look like no more than a tube of Blistex, Nerdwax is a thick and natural beeswax-based blend designed to dab on the edges of glasses and give them the traction they need to stay put on your face.

Nerdwax is intended to combat the likes of:

  • Slow slide-offs while walking or reading.
  • Awkward collisions and readjustments as you lean in for the kiss.
  • Impromptu fishing expeditions in the toilet bowl caused by leaning over to flush.

Glasses need just a dot or two of Nerdwax for proper skin adhesion. Once applied, the pomade wears off naturally over time without ruining your glasses or making a mess. The all-organic ingredients also promise to be gentle even on the most sensitive skin so as not to solve one nerd problem by creating the much worse second of making users break out in giant volcanic zits.

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