Magic Tatts 3D Animated Tattoos

Posted: March 17, 2015

Want to make your tattoos come to life without eating hallucinogenic fungi? Then trade the magic mushrooms for some Magic Tatts, temporary tattoos that interact with an accompanying iOS/Android app to create animated, 3D tattoos with which little and big kids alike can enjoy some swell interaction.

Make a T-Rex to storm down your forearm. A fairy to flitter around your shoulder. A unicorn to dance across your family jewels. Magic Tatts are printed in sheets of 16, and with an Action or Fantasy theme. They apply like any other temporary tattoos and last about a week on the skin's surface. Once in place, look through the Magic Tatt app on a smartphone or tablet and watch your fuzzy kitty leap up for a hug or a foreboding gorilla charge. Each of Magic Tatt's 16 unique tattoo designs is paired its own unique animation, as well as accompanying sound effects.

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