Loop High Fidelity Donut Earplugs

Posted: April 09, 2018
Loop High Fidelity Donut Earplugs

Loop High Fidelity Earplugs make hearing protection functional and fashionable. Presuming you dig the look of a coupla donuts in your ears (no lobe stretching required!) The new twist on earplugs takes the standard Pac-Man-ghost-shaped canal insert, streamlines them into a more subtle dome shape, and then adds a ring to the end. When worn, the resultant Loop enables a 20dB noise reduction, a comfortable, firm fit in the ear, and simple removal. More importantly, Loop Earplugs look like a stylin' piece of ear jewelry. Or a least a lot better than neon wads of foam sticking out the sides of your head.

Loop makers say their earplugs are able to reduce loudness without sacrificing sound and voice clarity thanks to a round channel that replicates the resonance and length of your ear canal. They're especially good for concerts, sports events, clubbing, and musicians.

Loop Earplugs come in 8 different colors, and include 2 sizes of silicon eartips, plus 2 memory foam eartips.

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