Japanese Tongue Exerciser

Posted: November 01, 2012
Japanese Tongue Exerciser
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The most endearing part about the Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser marketing campaign is that it claims the silicone (and grapefruit scented!) apparatus is intended to "help improve your face line and those flabby, sagging cheeks." It even offers before-and-after photographic proof! But nipping and tucking the face is obviously not what a tongue exerciser is for. That's what plastic surgery is for. A tongue exerciser, with its three muscle-building techniques, is for honing skills I am too classy to discuss in this family-friendly medium.

Designed by "professional esthetician" (read: madam) Kimiko Hirayama, the Kuwaete Sukkiri Tongue Exerciser produces results when used for a mere one minute per day. Exercise options include using the tongue to lift the bulbous insert up and down, repeating a light clenching motion, or pushing the tongue outward while the teeth grasp the mouthpiece.

And, men, the ladies have requested a reminder to the fact that you too can benefit from a little tongue exerciser training.

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