Hyperlip Prosthetic Lips

Posted: October 09, 2015
Hyperlip Prosthetic Lips

The medical term for the part of the oral mucosa covering the tooth-bearing border of the jaw is is "gingiva." So. Who wants to see some gingiva?! The Hyperlip is a plastic lip ring that fits over your existing kisser to help spruce up your selfies and show off how attentive you've been to your oral hygiene. Check out the GIF. Pretty creepy, eh? Now I appreciate what dentists have to look at all day long. And now I understand why they have so many mental health issues.

The Hyperlip comes from French designer Sascha Nordmeyer who created the toothy grin maker to "help insecure people communicate more easily by forcing them to make a single silly facial expression." Hm, not sure if making strangers wince, recoil, and run away is a great confidence builder, but maybe things are different in France.

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