Headache & Migraine Relief Cap

Posted: January 03, 2021
Headache & Migraine Relief Cap
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Headache? Migraine? Just want to bury your head in the freezer or a bucket of ice? How about a striking purple hat filled with cooling, soothing, pain-easing Magic Gel instead?

Magic Gel's headache and migraine relief cap lives in your refrigerator or freezer, chilling out when life is good, and ready for the day your head starts to pulse, throb, and feel like it's splitting apart. At which time the hat slips over your head and face, conforming to your contours, and imparting its cool relief to your burning pain.

You can wear the Headache Ice Cap in multiple ways - like a hat, just over your temples, as a full-face mask, or as a combo of the two, situating the gel ice packs behind your ears or under your eyes around your sinuses.

Given its color and the ponytail hole at the top, Magic Gel appears to consider their headache and migraine relief cap to be most suitable as a gift for women and purple-loving men with long hair.

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