Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal Wipes

Posted: June 19, 2019
Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal Wipes
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So, uh, Fish-D-Funk, are we talking about the odor removal of fish fish, or just anything I may have had my hands on that smells fishy here? Because my wife is always asking me to dig my fingers around...the garbage disposal when it gets stuck, and after a romp down in that thing, I feel like I need more than a squirt of Mrs. Meyer's dish soap to to D-Funk myself.

Intended for fishermen and fishing trips, Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal wipes are designed specifically to remove fish odors from human skin. Via "exclusive Double Down Technology" the wet naps say they can neutralize and counteract odors on a molecular level. So you smell fresh instead of fish. Freshy instead of fishy.

Fish-D-Funk wet wipes also help pre-casting by removing foreign scents from your hands that might interfere with a potential catch's attraction to and desire to bite at your bait.

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