Finger & Toe Ice Packs

Posted: December 19, 2023
Finger & Toe Ice Packs
$9.50 - $14.50
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These Finger & Toe Ice Packs from Penguin Fingers (kudos to whomever came up with that fine name!) could be a bonanza of a find to the jammed, sprained, and swollen digits and piggies of you dudes and ladies, but this Dude is all set without them. My wife is in possession of the iciest hands and feet known to humankind. Glaciers, winters in Butte, Montana, and my ex-girlfriend Karen's black heart have nothing on She-Ra: Princess of Power's extremities. So if my friend Cornelius lets go of the dresser we're moving for my mama before I tell him I'm ready, somehow allowing its full, 300-pound weight to drop on all four fingers of my right hand and my left big toe, I'll just ask my wife to hold my hand and play footsies for 15 minutes to numb them.

Penguin Fingers Finger & Toe Ice Packs, for those without access to living ice packs, are ultra-flexible sleeves that slip on to provide both cooling and compression relief. The one-size-fits-all gel packs don't require freezing, and can help soothe aches and inflammation in joints from arthritis, carpal tunnel, and too many hours of gaming, as well as injuries from sports and day-to-day mishaps.

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