Cactus Back Scratcher

Posted: March 17, 2018
Cactus Back Scratcher
$8.99 - $14.99
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With the Cactus Back Scratcher, no more will you have to rub your body up against the corner of a wall or doorway like a farm animal to take care of that incessant itch. Now you can rub a hard plastic, 2-sided spiky frond up against your body like a classy human being!

The Cactus Back Scratcher positions a 5" wide scratching surface in the center of a 44" long strap with power ball grips on either end. For people with mobility issues, or anyone who doesn't have Cirque du Soleil or Stretch Armstrong arms to reach that one spot with the mad itch, the simple tool can provide instant relief.

Depending on the intensity of your itches, and the sensitivity of your skin, the Cactus Back Scratcher can also deliver 2 different "grades" of scratching - one side of the disc has 0.25" long moderate spikes, and other 0.5" long more aggressive ones.

Cactus Back Scratchers also come in smaller disc Mini, and shorter on-a-stick versions.

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